I'm a

Hi, I'm Jacob

I’m a creative leader and comedic collaborator focused on the intersection of fine art, unexpected experiences, and meaningful audience connections. I’m interested in making innovative work with talented people and forward-thinking brands. A leader’s success is defined by the team they inspire – I find the best people for the job, then harness, focus, and amplify our voices.

I'm a director.

I’m a comedy director focusing on commercial and episodic work.


I came up over the last decade at the Upright Citizens Brigade alongside some of the best comedic minds in the world. I helped grow BuzzFeed’s approach to video content as a writer, director, and creative director. My background as a graphic designer, art director, and fine artist enhance my visual storytelling. I’m an actor’s director first and foremost – but my background as a writer, editor, producer, and advertiser allows me to see the forest through the trees.


Clients: Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, BuzzFeed, The Webby Awards, Fisher-Price, LEGO, Amazon, Macy’s, Comcast, Chili’s, Hasbro, Red Bull, Coffee-mate and more.

I'm a creative director.

I’m an award-winning creative director with more than a decade of experience in cross-platform brand storytelling.


I believe ideas should be supported by data, but driven by story and humanity. I believe brands have the power to impact good, to push culture forward, and to help people express our identities through content. I believe compelling content is a blend of art and science, and I love to perform experiments in genre, style, and effect. My passion is telling visual stories that break stylistic expectation with gut-punching relatability. My work is distinct, not only in artistic vision but in its ability to lean into trends and tropes that deftly join and challenge cultural conversation. I’m a big ideas guy who still lives and dies by detailed execution.


Clients: Amazon, Blizzard, Comcast, Denny’s, The Discovery Channel, Fisher-Price, GAP, Google, Hollister, Home Depot, Honda, The LA Times, Macy’s, NBC, Old Navy, Sabra, Stanford, T-Mobile, Taco Bell, The Today Show, Toyota, Tru TV, USC, Universal, Victoria’s Secret, Walgreens, Wendy’s, Whiskas, XFINITY – and many more.

I'm a comedian.

For the last decade, I’ve performed weekly with the house team Bangarang! at UCB, where I also teach improv and sketch comedy. We’ve been called ‘one of the quickest most connected teams in the game’ by Splitsider.com. The team includes some of the most respected performers at the theater – but we’ve also had guests drop in from Silicon Valley, SNL, Veep, Weezer, Blink 182, and more. It’s always a good time.



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