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Hi [close personal friend who is a decision maker at a commercial production company],

I have a new client I think you’d love and I want to make sure he’s on your radar. Jacob Reed is a multi-hyphenate director with a background in sketch and late night, and as an agency creative director. Here’s his reel. He just did these great spots for Bud Light starring Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith and other NFL players. I also love these bizarre Macy’s ads he directed.

He comes from sketch and improv but he hasn’t really had a chance to bring those chops to commercials yet. I know if we got him on some comedy boards he could kill it. Here’s one of his shorts, Gum, that is super funny and won a bunch of awards. Trust me, I would be recommending him even if I didn’t make 10% off of any job you hire him for — but that’s one of the perks of being his manager so I guess I’ll take it, lol, fml, rofl!

LMK if I can loop you in with him and let’s grab a drink or talk about clio awards together soon!

[Your name here]

Hey [close personal friend who works on or is going into production on a late night, sketch, or variety show],

[I heard from our mutual friend and/or saw in ‘the trades’ that you are working on a new late night, sketch, or variety show. Congrats!] / [How’s everything going on that already existing late night, sketch, or variety show you work on. Good? Great!] I know you’re always looking for great directing talent and I wanted to make sure you knew about a client of mine, Jacob Reed.

Jacob is a seasoned improv and sketch comedian who also directs. He’s directed viral bits for Funny or Die and BuzzFeed, contributed jokes for the Emmy-nominated Night of Too Many Stars, and recently directed sketches at Kimmel. He’s the guy who did the wax figure prank and Father’s Day bits — Will Smith just reposted the Father’s Day one, it’s great.

Anyway – he’s easy to work with and super funny. So much so that I’d be recommending him even if I wasn’t about to make 10% of the $6500/wk minimum DGA weekly rate you’ll pay him. You’ll love him! LMK if I can loop you in together.

Let’s have a play date with our kids/partners/dogs/etc soon!

[Your name here]

Hey [close personal friend and talented actor],

You know that [project of some kind] you’ve been working on? Do you have a director in mind because I have a client who you should meet. His name’s Jacob Reed and he helps lots of actors and comedians develop projects. Also, did I tell you I’m a manager now? I rep him! LOL, life right?

Oh also I still have that [book/movie/dog] you loaned me. Let’s get coffee and swap back!

Gossip Girl [I assume this is an inside joke you guys have]